Get an Oral Cancer Screening as Part of Your Checkup

As part of your dental checkup, you can have an oral cancer screening. Cancer is a serious threat to your health. That is why it is important to get checked regularly. Our dentist, Dr. in , , cares about your oral health, and your overall health, which is why we have provided you this information… Read more »

TMJ Pain Can Be Reduced and Treated

Does your jaw hurt when you laugh or talk? If so, you could be experiencing TMD. To help you learn more about the joints in your smile, our dentists, Drs. Paul and Brant Stanovick with in , , is happy to provide you this article. Temporomandibular joint, also known as the TMJ, is a strong… Read more »

How Receiving a Dental Crown Can Improve Your Smile

If you are looking for a dental restoration that can improve your smile, you may find that a dental crown is just right for a tooth that is damaged or discolored. The design of dental crowns can enable them to last decades and may repair significant dental damage for greater strength and dental support. Our… Read more »

Laser Dentistry is No Longer Science Fiction

While laser dentistry is becoming more and more prevalent among dentists, the technology is still somewhat new and not yet commonplace in all dental offices. The benefits of laser use in dentistry are manifold. The intense beam of light can cut like a sharp knife, sterilize, and cauterize the wound at the same time. Lasers… Read more »

All Dental Checkups Include a Screening for Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer

Having one of our dentists,¬†Drs. Paul and Brant Stanovick¬†perform a dental checkup every six months is critical for reducing your chances of suffering from cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems. This simple appointment includes a cleaning and polishing treatment, as well as a thorough examination of your mouth. Should they notice an existing… Read more »

The Why, Who, and How of Teeth Whitening

Popular opinion considers a great smile to be a major plus in good first impressions. An attractive smile instantly boosts your features and your self-confidence, but if your smile is naturally dull or discolored, we can suggest teeth whitening as a quick and simple way to give your smile a lift. To help you learn… Read more »

Information About Tooth Hazard Treatments

  Never be afraid to seek out new ways to improve your oral health. As much as you may want to change your smile from time to time, it is important to remember that restorations will not always be there to give you a smile makeover if an oral accident or injury occurs. In addition,… Read more »

These Benefits of Dental Veneers Can Help You Achieve Your Best Smile Yet

If you want a more beautiful smile for the holidays, dental veneers can help you achieve the smile of your dreams! The advanced design of dental veneers enables them to effectively transform your smile with minimal effort. If you are hemming and hawing over dental veneers, our dentists, Drs. Paul and Brant Stanovick can help… Read more »

Things Dental Bonding Can Do

Are you interested in helping your teeth and smile with dental bonding? If so, you could be on your way toward the top-notch goals you desire! Dental bonding is a great treatment that involves your dentist, Dr. , covering your tooth with special dental resin. Your dentist will shape the resin to make it look… Read more »

Exciting Games for Kids about Dental Health

Good dental care begins in the home. It helps to find ways to engage your children in fun activities about dental health. Here are some ideas for younger children: Taste Test: Gather edible items which are sweet, sour, bitter, salty or savory. Tell your child to stick out their tongue in front of a mirror… Read more »